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1 Quart Industrial

1 Quart Industrial

1 Quart Industrial

  • Covers the underside of a small car with 2 coats. Rust Bullet, rust treatment metal paint is the professional restorer's choice of rust inhibitive coatings.

A one step, two coat, simple to apply, low maintenance, super tough, high performance, rust inhibitive coating metal paint. Chemically resistant and a leader in industrial coatings and rust treatment products. Our rust inhibitive coatings out perform other market leaders in controlled laboratory 
tests. Can also be used as a concrete floor heavy duty industrial coating.

Covers approx. 50 sq. ft. with a two coat application - Metallic Grey

Given the high cost of labour these days, your choice of coating should be of the best quality. Rust Bullet is a world leader of industrial coatings.

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